Ting Review: Six months later

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We first looked at Ting, the new wireless carrier from Tucows, a few months ago. Our initial impressions of the service were positive. Now, six months later we look at our overall experience with the service. To recap, Ting’s business model is based on users paying only for what they use. This is accomplished by purchasing “buckets” of minutes, text messages, and data megabytes. Users who go below the selected plan are refunded for the unused portion at the end of the month. Those who go over are simply bumped up to the next bucket with no penalty or overage charge. Ting also allows you to share these minutes/texts/megabytes with all of the devices on one account, offering enticing savings for those on family plans with the major carriers.

Overview of plan combinations

Choose your plan and save!


So after six months, what do we think? We think that Ting is an excellent choice for those who use small to moderate amounts of data and are willing to take advantage of simple ways of lowering usage, such as using wifi instead of mobile data, whenever possible. Initially, we paid $95 to break a contract with one of the big three carriers and move one line of service to Ting. By the third month we had made that money back in savings and are currently enjoying the extra money in our pockets at the end of each month.


Image of bill history with Ting

Do your bills look like this? With Ting they could.


Saving lots of money is great, unless you can’t use the service you’re paying for. Fortunately for us Ting has delivered a great experience, both in service quality and in customer support. Since Ting allows users to roam, something most other prepaid carriers don’t, we’ve found that worrying about having reception is a non-issue. In fact, a few weeks ago we took a trip to the Grand Canyon and brought our Ting phone along. We were worried that there wouldn’t be service there, but we found that we could make phone calls and send texts with no problems, albeit roaming. Ting uses both the Sprint and Verizon nationwide networks to provide coverage so chances are you won’t ever have to worry about having service.


Ting coverage map

Low prices, big coverage


As far as customer service goes, you shouldn’t be able to get this kind of experience at this price. Each time we called our calls were answered by a real person (!) in a matter of seconds. No hold music, no automated menus, no “our next representative will be available in XX minutes”. Just real people with the ability to handle your question or problem. According to Ting, their customer service is based in Canada and they pride themselves on their no-hold-time call policy. There were a few times when the agent didn’t know the answer to our questions, but this only happened when we asked really technical questions. We were put on hold, but this was to allow the agent to find out the answer for us. We much preferred this approach of dealing with the same person to the usual policy of being transferred around and having to re-explain whatever it is you were calling about each time.


“Ting voice, text and data traffic gets equal priority on the (Sprint) network” -Andrew Moore-Crispin, Ting


Now, there are a few things we don’t like about Ting. For starters there is no data available when roaming. Ting says that due to the extremely high cost of roaming data that they are not offering it. We’d prefer to be given the option to use data while roaming and for Ting to allow us to decide whether we think the cost is worth it or not. Second, the device prices for high end devices can be a little hard to swallow. Sure, we’re glad you can get the latest and greatest devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC EVO 4G LTE, but the prices of these devices are a lot higher than one gets when signing a contract with one of the major carriers. Unfortunately, not much can be done about this. Ting states that they already sell their devices at or slightly below cost and that you pay these prices anyway when you’re with one of the big carriers, in the form of high monthly bills. So while the initial cost of entry can be high the monthly savings can more than offset this over the long term.


“Our (customer service) satisfaction rating is currently at 98%” -Ben Lucier, Director of Customer Experience, Ting


Are these issues a big enough deal to make us switch? Not a chance. We’ve done the math and we like money. So when a service like this allows us to keep more of it in our pockets every month, we will remain loyal customers… ‘til a certain place freezes over. Great phones, great service, and even greater people behind the scenes make Ting a no-question choice for us. And just to show you how nice they are they’ve given us a promotional code to share. You save $50 $25 on any device they offer by clicking here to activate the discount and go to the Ting website. Discount is off of the displayed price and will be shown during checkout.


PS. Yes, the $50 discount has been lowered to $25. Per Ting, 25 is the new 50, and they have no plans to give out any greater amount in the future.


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