Ting Coupon Code – $50 off UPDATE

So we recently posted an update to the coupon codes for new customers. In that post we let you know that all coupon codes were changing from $50 to $25. Yet we see other people still advertising discount codes for the old amounts. Now, we don’t know if they just haven’t updated their pages or are just trying to get extra traffic, but no one is able to offer the $50 coupon for new customers. The direct word from Ting is that the $50 offers are gone and will not be coming back. Business is booming for them, to the point that every three months they are doubling the amount of customers they have. With such rapid growth they no longer see the need to offer such a substantial upfront discount. And as much as we hate to see the discount go down, it’s still likely enough to cover your first month’s usage with Ting. We know we went from an $80 bill to $23 once we made the switch.

So with that clarified, we can still hook you up with the coupon link for $25 off your first device (or a $25 credit if you bring your own device). Just click here and we’ll send you off to Ting. You’ll see confirmation that you’ll get the discount at the top of the page, and once you see that you are ready to rock!

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